IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center is a platform focused towards fostering & promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up enthusiasts by providing a healthy ecosystem to promote their ideas, startups and researches into successful entrepreneurial ventures.


  • Start

    Access to Mentors and Advisers, availability of experts and Courses, seminars, various events that helps & provides a motivating platform to innovate & start.

  • Experience

    Co-working space that facilitates cross pollination of Ideas among entrepreneurs & innovators enabling to learn, share knowledge and progress.

  • Network

    Networking events providing connections with other industry stakeholders potential leads, mentors and investors. Availability of experienced researchers and interns from IIIT Delhi.

  • Grow

    Technical, legal, financial and strategic guidance from partners & experts lets Startups and ventures keep focused in scale up and innovate.


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Management Team

Kapil Chawla
Ashok Mittal
Alok Nikhil
Anupam Saronwala
Hemant Kumar
Ranjan Bose
Anand Srivastava
Pankaj Jalote